The Daily McGregor

McGregor is the combination of Anglo-American sportswear and classic tailoring, typifying the sartorial style of New York. The brand is taking a turn in 2016, establishing its boldness and authenticity.

The new concept and format for the magazine Fall/Winter 2016 develops a new identity for McGregor, and gives a rich content and a feeling of the brand. The concept was based on the idea of showing a confident brand, proud of his heritage, by guiding the customer through the story of this collection. 

This magazine has been printed, displayed in store and sent to customers and collaborators.

McGregor Magazine, 36p. — Role: Art Direction + Photography of stills with Cuno de Bruin  —  Date: August 2016

caroline-busson-newspaper-02b (1)caroline-busson-newspaper-02b (1)
caroline-busson-newspaper-05b (1)caroline-busson-newspaper-05b (1)

Set up and photography

Identity declined