Creation of visuals for the brand No.Co.

For the first collection, the theme was Ħacking. 

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Role: Design of 3 T-shirts / Photographer: Clément Decoster / Brand owners: Sahbi, Anaïs Deféver, Aurélien Boute

ʬhat's ';hacking;'? Search, alter, twist, replace / take advantage of the flaw in the creative process / change parameters and try again. That's how I created the patterns for No.Co, reproducing something identical, making it evolve like a mountain of data.

ʬhat's ';hacking;'/2? Inspired by my own experience living in a foreign country speaking a different language, using different computers, I speak english in azerty and french in qwerty. Lost in translation, I hijack languages with a tool that doesn't go with them.